Murderizer is so cool, nobody knows who they are. Fundamentals from the deepest reaches of suburban Maryland and Springfield, Massachusetts germinated in the bowels of New York City to form a rare form of rock and roll termed "Kimbap-core" (also known as Sushi-core.) Like the food, the music is a tight combination of different elements within a thin, seaweed wrapper - each ingredient remaining distinct while pressed firmly together. Punk, heavy metal, hardcore and sometimes creepy ice cream truck melodies can find itself compressed tightly within a single song. Based in New York City, Murderizer has performed at such honorable rock institutions as CBGB's, The Continental, Luxx and Siberia.

Murderizer has also performed in other venues along the east coast in Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. They have recently finished recording their first, full length album, "Showdown at the Garment Arcade," and would enthusiastically perform for any audience, regardless of crowd hostility, reverie or drunkenness.

Murderizer Is...
Dan Altman / guitar
Jon Glascoe / bass guitar
Bret Jergensen / drums
Susan Hwang / vocals, harmonica, accordion, cowbell

Murderizer Press:

"... this is the worst thing I've heard since Sonic Youth!" - Jeff Ross

"... if Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet toured in the same van and kidnapped one of the singers from the B-52's and taught her how to rock." - Andy Gerard

"I'm such a wuss to pain, even a little bit," sings Murderizer's Susan Hwang, but we don't buy it. Anybody who can front a band that combines the best and angriest elements of punk, metal and hardcore while reuniting the fatale with the femme has to be tougher than Hwang claims to be." - Time Out New York

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